Matthew Larkin

Who is Matthew?

Matthew Larkin is a web developer, photographer, and musician based in Asheville, NC. His primary work is operating a small web development company, specializing in workflow-based web applications to help small to medium sized businesses organize and more effectively use their data.

Matthew regularly performs soothing clarinet music for low-key events and gatherings as well as high-energy Zimbabwean marimba music with Chikomo Marimba and Rugare Marimba (both based in Asheville, NC). He also has experience in classical conducting -- which he studied formally at the Greatbatch School of Music, Houghton College.

Matthew photographs events, musical ensembles, people (portraits), and makes promotional videos. He has experience with wedding photography and his landscape and astrophotography has been featured on the Unsplash homepage.

Spare time
In his spare time, Matthew enjoys hiking, fine tuning his web development codebase, watching documentaries, watching economics, and studying the ever intriguing works of Aristotle (his Categories in particular).

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