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Asheville, NC

Web Design

Clean, unique websites designed with clear intention & purpose.

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Matthew's Design Process

Content drives design; this proven design method is the cornerstone of every project Matthew takes on. Instead of using pre-built templates, Matthew designs every project from the ground up, taking time to listen, brainstorm, and create quality solutions to his clients' needs.

The Initial Meeting

Every project starts with a meeting to brainstorm what the client is looking for.

Matthew will ask open-ended questions that get to the heart of what the client needs; in fact, clients often walk away from this meeting with a much clearer understanding of what they themselves really want from their website.

The Design Phase

Matthew's design approach begins with a blank sheet of paper, not a Wordpress template gallery. Every element of the page - from the page heading to the navigation menu - is placed with intention and purpose. Clients actively engage in this design process, reviewing the work until it satisfies their needs.


After the design is settled, Matthew goes into full meditation mode as he codes the website, utilizing modern web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. Because Matthew directly authors the code, every website is mobile friendly and search engine optimized by design.

Testing & Launch

The last stage before launch is a testing phase. It's important to review the site to weed out any bugs before it goes public. After a few days of careful review, the site is ready to go live!

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